So here is a project I’m in the process of finishing up. It’s been a little bit of a headache. The client came in with a color scheme they wanted based on some retail pieces they’d seen. Then they chose an existing design as a base and wanted 1 new idea. This is what we started with: (top left) Barnabas design as base and preliminary work for a second idea. (top right) New design idea. (bottom) Two diffferent designs based on Barnabas. (Thanks to Hydro74 and J3 for a couple of background elements)

She decided to go with the bottom right version. From here began the changes. We did quite a few revisions. Anyhow, it’s for a summer camp. Ages range from 8-17. The feedback that I got was that it should be geard a little younger. (Now, personally from what I’ve seen, Macy’s or Target or any generic store that sells kids stuff has almost no difference in the artwork styles represented on graphic tees for 8-17 year olds.)  They were concerened about the homeschooled kids. Here’s the list of initial revisons: More ornaments, no drips, happier moose, different colors…

Next up:

This round she settled on the second of the two designs and liked most of it. (But not all… So we did a few more revisions)

 Round three:

Well at this point we’re almost there. Though they wanted much more character and cuteness in the moose for the sake of the younguns.

These were the final options. She chose the latter. Cute moose and all. I’ll post a photo or two of the finished piece. I’m satisfied with end result on the project but I thought where we were initially going was a bit more appealing to me personally. But the customer is happy and that’s almost more important than anything else. Now, on to the back of the shirt.


~ by betterthanhuman on June 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Frustration”

  1. Well, Tom, I have to say it’s way better than what we had back in 1990 at that Camp. I went there back then and it was Basically just wording with bright and obnoxious colors. I’m sure the kids will say Thank you for not making them wear purple at Summer Camp. I get the moose thing though since they are all about “Kissing the Moose”. I liked the drippy version. Tres Chic!

  2. so yeah, I basically like all of them! awesome job!

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