Numero Dos

Here is the second piece in what I expect will be a 5 piece sieries to adorn the walls of my future son’s room. (Only 13 weeks left!) It’s not finished. Niether is the lion. I wanted to get at least two of the pieces started so I could make sure the style would jive. (I’m still kind of new to digital illustration and haven’t really solidified my own style quite yet.)

I’ll Post the updates to all the pieces as I get them done.

And I’m not sure weather to go with the Golden Eagle of the Bald Eagle. Let me know what you think.


~ by betterthanhuman on July 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “Numero Dos”

  1. Hey i think that the bald eagle is the better. Hope you figure out everything. God bless!!

  2. Blue and white is much more cheerful looking. I’m a bit anti-brown, though. LOL

  3. I think the Gold one is more macho and cool, also quite mystical and sexy, like there’s a surprise waiting in there. You can see deeper into it. The bald eagle is very light and (in a way) frothy like clouds. Its still quite funky though and (random thought coming) it would go well with my kitchen!
    The golden eagle does it for me.
    Hope that helps.
    Al xx

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