Panda Pandemia

Here is the latest addition to this animal series. I’ll be revisiting the lion and eagle to finish up and add some details.



~ by betterthanhuman on July 10, 2007.

7 Responses to “Panda Pandemia”

  1. Awesome!

  2. i really like the splatter for the fur. Then the few clean wiskers coming off is a nice touch.

    What is the leaf stuff in the background called? I have been trying to get a solid name down for it for a long time now(so I can search for it on the net).

    Keep up the good work, a blog worth stopping by.

  3. Dig the panda. Is that for kiddo’s room?

    Wonder if it would be a conflict of interest to open your own store on

    Money for the upcoming shopping sprees at Babies R Us that are sure to ensue birth o baby.

  4. This is a fantastic series you have going! The splatter effect really compliments the animals true appearance. Keep up the good work! – S

  5. Again……these are awesome. Can’t wait to see the whole series!

  6. u know i have absolutely no idea why i am writing this. i just found this pic on google image. but i love the pic (it’s my background)

  7. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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