Well, this week I returned from a 6 day vacation. We spent a few nights at Crater Lake Lodge here in Southern Oregon before getting smoked out by forest fires. We ended up at a resort on the Warm Springs Indian reservation called Kah-Nee-Ta. It was a ton of fun and really relaxing to get away for a while. I’ve included a few pics of Crater Lake that has an amazing naturally vibrant blue color due to it’s depth and clarity. Then a photo of my dad, wife and soon-to-be-son. (3 mos. til the baby comes!) Some killer rock formations near the lake called The Pinnacles. Also a pic from the 4th of July (Notice I’m rockin’ my Hydro74 skull tee.) and a trip to the coast during the kite festival at Lincoln City (Yeah, those kites are freakin’ huge!)

Crater Lake PanoramicCrater Lake BlueWife and DadPinnacles Rock Formation near Crater LakeRanger Tom.Ice Cream PosterFourth of JulyLincoln City Kite FestivalNordic Hotel Sign in Liconln CityNordic Hotel Sign in Liconln City

That pretty much sums up my vacationing so far this summer. I hope everyone else is having great one’s too!




~ by betterthanhuman on July 20, 2007.

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