July Progress

Well, July is almost over and I thought a few of this months were post-worthy. These are just a sample of a few of the pieces that went to production this month.

Dunn Bros Coffee is a chain throughout the Mid-West. They roast their own beans in-house. Pretty cool. Check one out if you have them in your area. The sketchy cup with the paint splotch was printed on 3 different color thermals. The blue and red circle design shows the front(top) and back.

High Life was for a church camp on Dworshak Lake in Washington.

The Swampazz tee was for Star Touring & Riding, Yamaha’s official riding club. Swampazz is their biggest event of the year. It’s a grueling ride through the swamps of the south.

Lastly, we’re begining production on the new uniforms for Red Brick Pizza. They are a pizza cafe here on the west coast that has amazing brick oven pizza baked at 1000 degrees. We’ve also got pieces in the works for their managment. I’m working on uniforms for one of the larger pizza chains in the country too. I’ll let you know when that project is done.

Let me know what you think. More to come soon.



~ by betterthanhuman on July 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “July Progress”

  1. Dunn Bros Coffee cups came out great!!

  2. I have to credit my cohort here at Righteous Clothing for some help on the Dunn Bros Coffee cups. I’d post a link to her work but she is kind of lazy and hasn’t got anything on-line lately.

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