Baby Update


Well, life has been interesting over the last couple of weeks. Judah is now just over two weeks old and doing great. The kid eats like crazy. (Every 2-3 hours) He’s on a pretty good schedule now. Brandi is doing well too. She still isn’t allowed to do much though.

We’re all trying to adjust the best we can, even Brutus. All in all things are going really well.

Click on the photo to see more pics.


~ by betterthanhuman on September 27, 2007.

6 Responses to “Baby Update”

  1. Look how cute you guys are in your matchy matchy striped shirts 🙂 LOL Congratulations once again! Did B have a C-section?

  2. He is just too adorable. Did Brandi have a c-section?

  3. Yeah, B had to have an emergency c-sect. Judah was born about 30 min. after she arrived at the hospital.

  4. Adorable! I figured you would’ve had an illustration of him by now. Oh wait… new born… that’s right! No time left! Congrats again – S

  5. Hey tom,
    Its Lora Taylor.The baby is adorable..
    miss you guys

  6. wwooo!! so cute !
    i like that !

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