I’ll Fight

Every year The Salvation Army holds youth conferences across the nation and even internationally. They are called Youth Councils. This year their theme is “I’ll Fight”. Based on the final speech given by William Booth, founder of TSA. His final words have become somewhat of a creed for the army’s members.

Every year we, at Righteous Clothing, offer special designs and pricing for t-shirts and promotional items that follow that year’s theme. Here are a couple of preliminary pieces I’m working on. Both are in progress.

Click the photo for more.


~ by betterthanhuman on October 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “I’ll Fight”

  1. I like the first concept. I think the fist itself needs some more contrast/darker value to stand out more.

  2. Thanks for commenting my blog, nice to see that i have visitors other than ppl i know! I really dig the fist illustration, but like erock said; more contrast on the fist.

  3. “I’ll Fight” concept with red color it give powerful feeling and look like contemporary style.

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