SA Progress

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This week one of my many projects has been a promo t-shirt that we will offer to responders of a mailing to The Salvation Army. The top pair of shirts in the link are the options we came up with for that. The demographic is 35-55 so I’m not sure which to do.

The next one is a revised version of the winged I’ll Fight design. I took the advise posted here and gave it some more contrast. Let me know what you think.

Following that is an orange option for the mailer, that I liked better but we won’t be using.

And lastly, I popped in a WIP of another SA Youth Councils design. The seal at the bottom definitely needs some work.

I’d appreciate your comments on any of this.




~ by betterthanhuman on October 18, 2007.

8 Responses to “SA Progress”


  2. Great work bro! I really dig them all. Nice and clean looking. To bad you won’t be using the orange one, it’s my favorite. – S

  3. Wow! those look great. good work!

  4. It looks preety good to me!!
    ~Nice Work~
    Love the color 2.

  5. I like them all and would buy any of them. Nice work.

  6. Love it! Could you contact me at the above email address???? Thanks so much. =)

  7. These are absolutely fantastic.

    I’m at The Salvation Army in Australia, and was showing someone these designs. They said “I’D BUY THAT!”

    Who did you make the shirts for? how can we hook up using these designs?

  8. […] April 9, 2008 at 11:53 am (General) Would you by these shirts or ones similar? How great are the designs! just found them here. […]

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