Glove Revolution


I spent last night helping out a friend of mine at the Portland Ski Fever & Snowboard Show. About a year ago Peter Hostetler of Walk on Water Designs came up with an idea for a new style of fingerless glove. I’ve been helping him here and there with product development over the last year. This weekend Fluvs made their debut at the expo with huge success. No surprise there. We’ve got a lot of love for our Fluvs and we knew others would too.

Fluvs (fingerless + gloves = Fluvs) are a two part glove system that allow you to build your own custom gloves. You start with one of 5 basic thermal liners and add a cover to create your custom glove. One-of-a-kind covers are also created from recycled t-shirts. Even without fingers, Fluvs keep your entire hand warm, working on the same principle ThremaBands. They keep the blood flow to the fingers and hands warm.

The best part is that you can still do everything you normally would wihtout having to remove your Fluvs. They fit under normal gloves and shells, you can still get into your pockets, wallet or purse and you can drive and grip things like normal.

Check em out. Click on the photo for more pics from the show.

You can buy Fluvs online. Check em out:


~ by betterthanhuman on November 4, 2007.

8 Responses to “Glove Revolution”

  1. These are awesome! I could really use a pair for work. The office that I work in gets crazy cold. My hands are always freezing and it’s hard to type and draw when I put gloves on. Gonna have to order me a pair! – S

  2. Dude, that’s exactly what we use them for! There’s a couple of us here at my office that wear them for that very reason. Typing with cold fingers sucks. It almost hurts.
    If you want, I can help pick out a pair of the killer t-shirt ones for you. They aren’t available on-line but I have access to the stock so let me know if you want me to look into it. You could always contact Pete and have him make a pair from a shirt you provide too.

  3. hi. thanks for posting this. so i was at this show but completely missed this stand..lame! my friend bought some though and i love them…but i’m totally disappointed with what’s available on-line. is there a store in portland where there’s a better selection available, or another show he’ll be doing?..*hope*…i’d love to buy some and check out the t-shirt ones as well. thanks for any info.

  4. Rebekka,
    The word so far is that Deek and Bryan’s Next Adventure will be picking them up. It’s on Grand on the Eastside I believe near the intersection at Stark. (I can’t remember what the exact cross street is.) They will also be available at a women’s store in the Pearl. I’ll find out which one. You can also contact Pete directly through the site:

  5. dude, those gloves kills!!

    It would be a great present to my girlfriend

    Greetings my friend

  6. greets

  7. sweet gloves, i mean fluves, when are they going for export to sweden so i can find them in shelves here? 😀

  8. That is very cool, I want one! Do they have them in long sleeve t-shirts too?

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