Thursday Feels Like Friday: Redeux


Click the pic for more.

Well, it’s time for another addition of everyone’s favorite random post. Renown for bringing you such favorites as the Golf Green Skull. Today, a Thursday that feels like Friday, we are proud to introduce, the mustache sporting robotic luchador, Robo Suave!

That’s right, today was another one of those Thursdays that feels like a Friday and yet again I ended up with a freaked out doodle on my desk. Beckii (with two eyes) gave the finishing touches to the original doodle and we each agreed to do a different rendition of a more developed illustration.

Here is mine, Beckii’s will be up on Monday. Any others that want to join the mayhem are welcome to it.

Shane, perhaps you’d like to take a stab at this one too?


~ by betterthanhuman on November 30, 2007.

7 Responses to “Thursday Feels Like Friday: Redeux”

  1. Ha! thats funny. I might give it a shot.

  2. I dig the colors and the cheesy gold tooth. If I get some free time I might give it a shot and see what I can come up with. – S

  3. Awesome! So I’m thinking I’d like to do this every couple of months or so and invite other artists to do their own rendition of a particular doodle, photo, sketch or other random thing. Each doodle could be rendered by half a dozen people (or more) in different styles. (Maybe I could get someone else to submit the doodle too.) Then after a years worth I could print up some little books on and send them out to the participants.

  4. i’m def in on it, have to get home from work to send you my version that ended up a little different from your doodle 😛 if you send me a mail so i know where to send the pic. i know i hade you mail adress before, but i changed computer so now i don’t.

  5. I run an art collective at (stylus). I’m pursuing quarterly Lulu books as of this next year. We’re just about done with our first offering.

  6. I just sent you my rendition and posted it on my blog. – S

  7. hahaha robo suave!

    I do actually have a bunch of doodles but I need to pimp em’

    Robo Suave looks like all those 50’s illustration that decorates snack bars

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