I received a comment the other day from Erock congratulating me on how long I’ve gone without posting.

Well, it’s not because I’m lazy. It’s just that I’ve been so freakin’ busy. I realize that’s no excuse since most of you are probably equally busy. So, it’s probably fair to say that over three months without a post is pathetic.

This week alone has been crazy. We’ve been working through a ton of personnel changes at work. One of those resulted in an addition to our art department at Righteous. We just added Ryan Land to our design team to focus on web development.

In addition, on Tuesday night my boss called me and said we were flying out to LA at 5 AM. We headed down to round up some specific fabric and to find a sewer for a special project we’re working on. We spent a good portion of the day in the Garment/Fashion District where I saw more fabric in one place than I’ve ever seen
in my life. It was pretty cool and ultimately we found what we were looking for. The thing I found really interesting was how the different areas were so saturated with a particular ethnicity. In the garment district itself, the majority of the shop owners were Jewish/Israeli immigrants. Right next to the garment district is the flower district then toy district, which are both primarily populated by East Asian immigrants. In another direction you have the fish and produce districts. Those are mostly manned by Hispanic folks. Consequently, most of the produce shops also happened to sell lots of pinatas.

Anyway, there was lots to see and it was really cool to meet and talk to all the people and see the different cultures. Ultimately, we found everything we were looking for. Fabric and a sewer who could handle our project.

We got off the plane around 1AM on Thursday morning. It was pretty whirlwind and made it a long week since I missed the day in the office.

Here are just a couple of pics I snapped with my cell phone while we were there.

I’ll be posting some project updates shortly.




~ by betterthanhuman on June 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Pathetic”

  1. welcome back.

  2. Nice to see ya back in the saddle! – S

  3. Glad to see ya back. I know what you mean about being busy. man…In this month so far I have just quit my regular job, meawhile doing freelance work for a company that just hired me as there Senior Product designer in LA. So now I’m moving from SF to LA all the sudden by July 1st. It’s crazy how quickly things change.
    Which brings me to my question. Where’s this fabric area in LA?

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