LA Fashion/Garment District

This evening I was asked about the specific location of our excursion last week so here is a link to the Google map of the general area and a color coded map I made up based on my observations.

Google Map of LA Fashion District

Also, to the NE you have the Floral District, followed by the Toy District. Slightly to the South of the Toy District is the Industrial District. Just North and slightly East you’ll run into the Jewelry shops. Mostly costume and fashion jewelry though. Directly South and proceeding SE of the Garment District you’ll find produce. While the Fish market is to the East. It’s a fascinating area. Probably not safe at night. There were quite a few folks living on the street in the area but most of them seem pretty nice even if mentally ill/unstable. There were quite a few Hispanic dudes hanging out on some of the corners communicating down the street to each other by way of whistles that sounded like bird’s songs. I’m not sure what they were about though though. The sidewalks got busier and busier as the day wore on and the smells coming out of the local Asian and Mexican Food restaurants were quite enticing. However, my boss is afraid of ethnic food so we ended up eating at Burger King. Anyhow, it’s most definitely worth exploring. Especially the retail areas where there are stores chocked full of Grey Market or Black Market/Knock Off goods. Anything from $5 Versace-style sun glasses to Louis Vuitton look-alikes. Cheap jeans and tees too. And everything can be haggled for. It’s kind of the the streets of the larger border towns in Mexico.

So, if you’re ever in LA and are looking for something cheap, interesting, and definitely not on your run of the mill sight-seeing guides you should check out the area.


~ by betterthanhuman on June 11, 2008.

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