My name is Thomas Johnson. I’m a graphic artist based in Portland, Oregon. I’m into Jesus, my wife Brandi, my son Judah, and my job. (In that order)

I’m also an expert in Kung-Fu, Graphic Design-Fu, Youth Pastor-Fu, Longboard-Fu, Political-Fu, Recycling-Fu, Photoshop-Fu, Screen Printing-Fu, Hiking -Fu, Your Mom-Fu, and I Pity Da-Fu.

I am for hire and my rates are great. You can see my portfolio here: BetterThanHuman on Behance

If you’re interested in some design or have any question just post a comment here and I’ll get right back to you.




6 Responses to “About”

  1. nice……but i have some vector file on my blog!
    please check out ! and dont forget to leave a comment

  2. free vector 2 wait for you !

  3. Heyhey!
    I REALLY wanted to be your myspace friend but it only allowed me to do so if I knew your email adress or last name – I was really touched by your thoughtful comments on my design on Threadless. I though, “wow..I can;t believe he ‘gets’ this” – basically, your experiences in the church mirror mine, and well…blah blah…I loved what you had to say. I have a feeling we’re both, infact, quietly hopeful people. Far from wanting to be a church-burner, I guess that, like yourself, I’m trying to find new ways to challenge/articulate faith in the context of the dominant paragigm of christianity. My t-shirt was just a cheeky way of trying to start conversation…which it obviously has! hehe… 😉

    I can’t thank you ENOUGH for your great comments on the design. On so many levels…


  4. 🙂

  5. Hey there,

    Would you be able to contact me about using maybe a picture of yours for The Salvation Army Youth Councils in Portland this year? It will simply be used for a multimedia/ worship background in a powerpoint presentation.

    I will not use any of them without your permission.

    But please email me at christopher.ward@usw.salvationarmy.org
    or call 541-276-3369 (ask for Chris Ward)

  6. Nice to meet you 😀

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